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Personalised Otter Birthday Card

Surprise an Otter fan on their Birthday this year with this personalised and thoughtful Otter Birthday Card. You can personalise the card with a name an/or age by just filling in the blank section on the product page here. You'll feel Otterly thoughtful and they'll feel Otterly original! 😊 If you want to grab a personalised otter birthday card then you can find it on this link here

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Otter Polaroid Series - Work in Progress

Otter Polaroid Series "Work in Progress" Here's a quick look at a new otter project I am working on called "Otter Polaroid Series" The thing is, I need you help with the wording/meme under some of the otter polaroids.  Message me some ideas if you have any 😊 So these two I have already made and happy with how they turned out. I will need some help with the one on the right here. He is a smiley otter 😊   Now this is probably my favourite one in the series so far - I am so happy how it turned out. The otter on the left that is.  I have painted these ones in yet - stay tuned as I...

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Whole Otter Love to Give

If you like any of the webcomics here then you'll love some of my Otter Prints and Otter Cards for sale on my website. Visit my shop to find out more here

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