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Otter Polaroid Series - Work in Progress

Otter Polaroid Series

"Work in Progress"

Here's a quick look at a new otter project I am working on called "Otter Polaroid Series" The thing is, I need you help with the wording/meme under some of the otter polaroids. 
Message me some ideas if you have any 😊
So these two I have already made and happy with how they turned out.
I will need some help with the one on the right here. He is a smiley otter 😊


Now this is probably my favourite one in the series so far - I am so happy how it turned out. The otter on the left that is. 

I have painted these ones in yet - stay tuned as I will go live and paint these shortly


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  • Mirela

    Love the polaroids with funny text. Would buy all when available and put them in one of those multi-photo frames or make a collage – would always cheer me up 🥰🤣❤️🦦 You could do that and sell as one multi-funny/cute-otter-faces big poster!

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